Friday, April 11, 2008

Priceless Happiness

Babies remind us of a basic wisdom, joy in just being, People always ask themselves, what do I have to be happy about? After that question, they go on to communicate a long list of what is wrong in their lives. Here is the key difference between those who are joyful and those who are not. What are you focused on in your life? Do you fill your day with gratitude for all that you already have rather than moaning over what you don’t have? Do you go on and on about aches and pains, bills, relationships or lack thereof? There is a cycle of unhappiness that we need to break in order to change our lives. We knew long ago how to be happy for happiness sake. We felt the joy of connection to Spirit and all of Creation. We didn’t focus on what we had or what we didn’t; we just basked in the beauty of the moment and the thrill of being alive. Thinking back to the days of youth, we see we had passed many hours watching the animal parade in the clouds, rode our bikes for hours in a state of bliss, built forts with sticks and vines and imagined ourselves as mythical characters. We listened to music and were swept into a state of joy and oneness by the music.

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